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May 18, 2024 3:10 pm

Digital Ad Targeting Details

The most effective advertising campaigns deliver ads only to those people who are looking for your services so that no ad is wasted. In order to identify the exact right audience, please answer the questions below. We’ll use this information to create a winning campaign!

This person is the point of contact, and ideally, an admin on the existing FB page
List the key customer demographics. (Age, income, sex, education level, etc.)
Where are we targeting? (Johnston County, Wake County, 20-mile radius around Smithfield, etc.)
What are they hoping to see on their page? Informative posts? Examples of prior work (we'll need art) or anything they've seen elsewhere that they like (be specific).
Specifically, where do they shop or visit regularly (provide names of locations and addresses, if possible).
Are we limiting the scope of this search by any metric? (credit score, income level, home ownership, etc.)?
Who is your ideal customer? (A millennial female who owns a home and has a college education, for example).
Are there any specific strategies you'd like to see included?
Please give the names and websites (not FB pages) of three direct competitors for targeting purposes.