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July 14, 2024 12:36 pm

Goat Milk Soap Making at The Wool Family Farm

Wool Family Farm 330 Pine Level Micro Road, Selma, NC, United States

Discover the unique process of turning goat milk and tallow into quality soap… In collaboration with The Wool Family Farm: An incredible local farm is here to bring you a special, hands-on experience learning a timeless process. Farmer and soap-making-expert Evelyn Wool of The Wool Family Farm will guide you through the process of both milk- and tallow-based soap making. You’ll learn how to render tallow from fat, how to estimate your yield, and how to make both types of soap before going home with a “limited edition” gift box set of soap branded just for this workshop! A little bit about this awesome farm… In 2010, Robert Wool was hand-digging a pit for a water feature when a vision struck his wife, Evelyn, of their family on a beautiful farm surrounded by nature. When Evelyn shared her vision with Robert, she expected him to scoff and tell her it was a silly dream. Instead, Robert looked up at her and said, “Let’s buy a cow.” Four years and a 600-mile move later, they did, and they now raise cows, Mangalista pigs, and goats in addition to making beautiful soaps and writing darling, farm-themed children’s books. Check out The Wool Family Farm here.